Garrett Woodworking

Cabinets, furniture, doors, and mill work.

Cabinets - Residential

Cabinetry is our specialty. We have experienced mill workers who have been hand selected because of their exquisite work over the years. Our cabinets are of the highest quality, being entirely handmade in our shop.You can expect tight seams, perfectly uniform edges and surfaces, and zero flaws in our designs. We specialize in contemporary cabinets using only the highest quality hardware from well known suppliers around the United States and Europe.

Furniture & Doors

We have had a significant amount of experience and success in the world of commercial cabinetry and displays. We have made every aspect of showrooms, restaurants, and even art galleries. Once again, you can always expect only the best quality when coming to Garrett Woodworking for your commercial needs.Our most recent commercial projects have been with Sprinkles Cupcakes, in which we have worked on six of their locations.

Cabinets - Commercial

Furniture & Doors are both major standouts in our portfolio. We take on projects that are too difficult or obscure for many other shops. There is no project within reason that we will not take on, as we have the skill, experience, and machinery to take on just about anything.We have had consistent success with very specialized doors, as seen in our gallery, and we never outsource for them, making sure that we can keep all of our products at our standards, the highest quality in the industry.